Wardrobe Essentials: Trus-Tee Undershirt

Guess what everyone! It's summer and its getting steamy out there, and with the humidity on the rise, the next step is a profuse downpour from you pits. So instead of letting your nice shirts take the brunt of this onslaught, take the time to find the right undershirt for the warm weather.
It may seem contradictory to add layers to an outfit when the temperatures rise, but the right undershirt will be practically unnoticed and might even cool you down a little bit. Aside from the clear benefit of guarding your more expensive gear from debilitating sweat, undershirts act as an anchor for the shirt above it, making for less untucking and a crisper finish between the shirt and pants on a more consistent basis (can't go wrong there).
Fabric choice is key in your decision here and should be made based on how active your daily grind is; more active guys should look for a little bit of elastic to move with you and the more sedentary can go au naturale with 100% cotton. Color choices should be limited to either white or something closely matching your skin tone so that it will fly under the radar even with the thinnest white shirt and the neck should be a slightly deeper V-neck just in case you decide to forgo the tie on a given day.
2(X)ist: $36
Uniqlo: $10
Hanes: 3 for $15
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another style piece that needs to be in your closet!