Tech Tuesday: SanDisk Ultra Fit

Lets all take a look back to the time when the first iPod was released or even some of the first laptops, the storage capacities for either based on today's standards are quite laughable. The disk sizes might have made sense for gadgets that relied on cloud storage, but that didn't exist back in the day. Now, we look out into the tech landscape and its hard to come across anything smaller than 8GB, and that bring for the smallest smart phone or music player. Moore's Law seems a little outdated at this point in the tech evolution, especially when data storage companies like SanDisk are stretching the bounds with their new Ultra Fit collection of USB products. On a flash drive the size of a thumbnail, they found a way to squeeze 128GB of storage (the same size as a MacBook Pro circa 2009) and with some rumors about a 256GB option soon; that's just some new level of crazy that is absolutely necessary for professionals on the go!

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech!