Threads for Thought: Seersucker Shorts

In honor of National Seersucker Day, it is only fitting that we give the famous fabric its due with something that might not be on every one's radar. Seersucker being such a classic option, it only makes sense that it should be worked into your shorts rotation.
There is a bit of joy found in running your hands over seersucker, but hand feel aside, with patterns playing such a pivotal role this summer, it is an option that will also add some needed texture. The stereotypical iterations of this fabric feature a neutral tone paired with a pastel, a combo that combines very well with solid summer sport coats to embrace the "short suit" look. Orange seersucker and olive linen or Carolina blue with a traditional navy blazer a just a few of the endless options. They may seem a difficult option at first, but with some practice, they will become your second choice to khaki shorts all summer long!
Ralph Lauren: $80
Vineyard Vines: $80
 Brooks Brothers: $75
Check in tomorrow for this week's installment of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!