Tech Tuesday: Finger Locks

With the connected universe becoming even more connected, more everyday items are being introduced to the electronic world. These days, even your thermostat is tapping in to become more efficient along with a number of other energy hungry appliances. This has been the focus of the connected home, efficiency, but the whole purpose of a home is to provide security and protection. And while home monitoring companies have implemented advanced systems for initiating alarm systems remotely or syncing up light timers to prevent burglaries while away from home, but we still rely on rudimentary key and lock mechanisms. Ola Locks looks to change that dynamic with fingerprint scanning technology, similar to your iPhone, to open locks. Their innovation assembly has a two year battery life with only 4 AA batteries and doesn't require your phone to operate, except for initial setup purposes. With that said, the Ola Lock has a companion app is useful in that you can issue temporary keys to friends and family for get-togethers without worrying about allowing them unlimited access to your abode. Back them now to get your hands on the future of door knobs!