Threads for Thought: Neckwear, Linen Style

With temperatures beginning to sore, finding ways to stay as cool as possible while still maintaining some level of style. Because there's no publicly acceptable way to trot around shirtless and no way to justify rocking shorts and a tee all summer long. The key to cool is linen, and a simple way to adopt this wonder fabric is through neck wear.
Linen ties are a great way to maintain a well put-together look without putting a sweat inducing strangle hold on your outfit. Silk is the classic choice when it comes to neck wear and is an all-purpose, all-season option, but linen has some a leg up this summer. Designers everywhere have jumped on the train pumping out exciting colors, beautiful plaids, and explosive texture with linen, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. One of the most exciting looks are slubby stripes, but don't shy away from knitted options that feature some extra pattern or texture!
Alexander Olch: $150
Ralph Lauren: $85
The Tie Bar: $15
Check in tomorrow for this week's installment of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!