Wardrobe Essential: Olive

In the menswear world, blue reigns king with some neutral supporting cast members like tan and grey to help fill in the gaps. Some other colors get some love here and there as seasonal staples, maroon for example during the fall and winter, to change things up a bit.
One color that doesn't get the love it deserves is actually one of the simplest to wear, and it transcends seasonality and trend turbulence, working year round in your wardrobe. Olive can be the earthy highlight of a fall or winter look or the staple piece in a summer ensemble, the moral of the story is that its a color that needs some more appreciation.
Now even though this is a yearly shade, right now is the best time to stock up on this shade thanks to all the safari/military influences that are so popular this summer. Lightweight linen suits and sport coats will work now, but maybe a tropical wool will help to bring this olive option through the colder months. Cargos are another great piece that can be found in olive along with the ever popular safari jacket, both timeless and rugged. Keep an eye out for some key pieces this summer and pair it with any of the other neutrals for a shockingly put together look!
SuitSupply: $499
Ralph Lauren: $60
J. Crew: $50
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