Tailor Made Style: Red, White, and Bows

I know you were taught to always trust a guy in a bow tie and no socks, but as a Southern gentleman I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is DJ Hargrave, a menswear and lifestyle blogger from North Carolina. Tailor Made Style is my baby (she’s only a few months young) and I launched it during the end of my freshman year of college.


Today’s post is not necessarily about wearing a blazer with shorts (gotcha!) but more so about not being afraid to take risks.


Conventional/classic menswear rules says that blazers aren’t meant to be worn with shorts, but not our generation. Not the entrepreneurial, independent, and rebellious yet elegant gentleman in 2015.


To pull off something like the blazer-shorts look takes two things: confidence and fit. If you walk with your head up, and know that what you’re wearing fits like a cashmere glove, then what is there to be afraid of?


The answer is nothing. Go out there and wear your first bow tie, wear a blazer with shorts, or wear a shirt with floral prints on it. A special thanks to Spencer Parry for the opportunity. You’re the man!

Until next time.