Wardrobe Essentials: The Swim Suit

Its finally that time of year when pools begin to open, beaches are a tolerable place again, and bikinis start to make their long awaited appearance. So outside of having to get that beach body back together after a long winter, us men need to find our go-to water wear to get us through this glorious season.
And weather its the beach, pool, pond, lake, river, or even just a slip'n'slide in the back yard, classic swim trunks will be there to keep you looking cool and enjoying the waterworks. Swim trunks are the variety of swimwear that are shorter by nature, usually a five or six inch inseam, that is perfect for working on that upper thigh real estate; which by now, probably looks like the arctic snow they were trapped in all winter. This summer, geometric patterns are king with florals and nautical stripes following close behind, but if you plan on keeping this new pair around for a while, then opt for a solid color that you'll feel comfortable with.
Vilebrequin: $280
Bonobos: $85
Ralph Lauren: $85
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