Monday Outlook: Sportcore

The fall brought us the whole laissez faire trend, lending to amazing new high-low contrasts and comfortable new alternatives to classic menswear mainstays. This was a mini revolution with in men's styling and has since evolved into something much more impactful, encompassing all genre of male.
Thanks to all the athletes embracing this trend and then making sure everyone sees it at their press conferences, laissez faire became athleisure and then morphed into a full on sportcore movement. Sporty staples like sweats, thermals, and runners have been updated to embrace a new tailored nature and then paired classic pieces, developing and edgy look that everyone can appreciate. Not to mention that, by nature, this whole look is cozy and comfortable thanks to relaxed, breathable fabrics.
To fully embrace this movement, you only need a few key pieces and the willingness to think outside the box of what can go with what. Trainers will be the most wearable option and offer the most bang for the buck; pairing them with a suit is by far the coolest combo to pull off. Below that would be integrating some sort of sweatsuit piece into a more formal outfit, like a hoodie under a blazer or sweatpants with a leather jacket. Joggers are a major component too, they look and feel sporty, but can be as dressy as you want with all the fabric choices to choose from. All in all, if there's something you think that can go from the gym to the office without skipping a beat, pick it up, try it out, and turn some heads.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!