Threads for Thought: Inside Out

Men are trying just about everything these days, and it certainly doesn't hurt when fashion idles are leading the way like A$AP Rocky and Jared Leto. But these moves are of the upper echelon of style moves to the tune of shorts over pants or a unicolor track suit with matching shoes (I'm talking to you Pharrell).
Here's a fun new move to try out that can be done with your existing wardrobe, it just takes some thinking outside the box, or rather inside out of the box. I'm talking simply flipping pieces inside out to reinvent old pieces into something with a refreshing new edge. This move plays very well with graphic tees so that the patterns are subdued through the fabric; that's not to say that other pieces can't be part of it. Turning a shirt or pants inside out should add a rugged sensibility to any fine tuned outfit, but it should be left at that, layer or base pieces of the daily garb. Top layers are off limits! This style move should be a covert accent, not a glaring and pathetic attempt at calling for attention.

Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!