Threads for Thought: Cut the Collar

The latest and greatest for this summer is the tab collar shirt. It goes by many names depending on the age of who is referring to it, but all that you need to know is that its the shirt without a collar on it; very Parisian and sleek and perfect for the warm weather.
There is only one problem in this equation, and that's being limited to the patterns and fabrics that designers decide to make them in. But luckily, there is a thrifty and fun way to turn the control in your favor with a pair of scissors and steady hands, just chop the collar off! Not only will it give the shirt a vintage look, but it will open up the tab collar movement to pieces that you choose; it'll be the only piece like it as well. The option to use a professional tailor is always there, but instead of spending $5-10 (depending on the tailor) for that alteration, just do it yourself and embrace the fray and distressed look that you will give your new tab collar.
Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration!