Wardrobe Essential: Summer Chinos

Summer is reserved for the shorter variety of leg wear, but that's not always an allowable luxury. The office is certainly not a place for shorts and neither is your Friday night date, so a compromise needs to be made here.
So when the occasion calls for more than a 9 inch inseam, turn to the chinos that feature a breathable, lightweight fabric that will keep you comfy through every step of the day. Chinos are a preppy staple due to their relaxed nature while still looking put together, but lighter options will provide a sleeker and more refined look. Linen gets a little too much play during the warm months, so by having chinos, you can pair with a linen shirt or sport coat.
Literally every fashion house makes chinos, so this is your chance to be picky for once. For the traditionalist, there will be no shortage of tan or navy, but why not embrace the exciting printed fabric trend and get something with a little bit of character. Or even simply changing out the classics for a summer shade, mint is the color of choice (hint hint). At the end of the summer, these pants will help to ease the unwanted transition into fall, but it'll be one less thing to worry about.
Bonobos: $128
Ralph Lauren: $125
J. Crew: $75
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