Monday Outlook: Summer's Tour of Duty

Everyone is gearing up for those long awaited summer getaways to their favorite spots, and its no wonder why this is the best season of them all. And all these vacations call for some clothes that can get roughed up, no matter the location, beach resort or mountain cabin.
There is a whole genre of clothing out there for guys that can be grouped in one of two styles, depending on how the pieces are paired together. Safari and Military (S&M) style go hand in hand, taking influences from each other and fueling a fashion fire that never goes out. Tans, olives, browns, whites, all share in being part of the neutrals family and the fact that they are fully flexed in S & M style.
The trick with these colors is putting them together in a way that reflects the rugged motifs necessary to fall under militaristic or safari worthy. Key pieces such as the safari jackets, lightweight work shirts, and rugged boots bridge the gap between the two styles and should be the pieces that you build this style effort around. Use white as a base for your outfits and work around that with an olive coat, khaki tie, brown boots, etc. This trend is too easy to not take advantage of and really works in any season, so buy in now!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!