Wardrobe Essentials: The Garment Bag

Its snowing, it's raining, its windy, and sometimes it happens to be sunny. This is the reality of spring weather, being as moody as a pregnant woman until the coast is clear and summer makes her appearance. Figuring out what to wear to be prepared for this uncertainty is one thing, but protecting your clothes is another thing entirely.
Whether its commute to the gym before work in the morning or a full blown business trip, its essential to guard those nice clothes from the outside world, and that job is reserved for the garment bag. Not just any garment bag will do, a heavy duty twill will serve best to remain flexible and protective at the same time with the added convenience to launder it yourself if it gets too dirty.  If that isn't quite suitable for the rigor of your lifestyle, than a leather or nylon option will be available but without the convenience to clean off any built up stink. Seeing that this isn't a piece of your wardrobe, there is no need to get anything too flashy, a simple neutral piece will do just fine!
Louis Vuitton: $4550
Tumi: $395
Filson: $275
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