Wardrobe Essential: The Wide Belt

For the style newbie, a belt is a belt is a belt, and they aren't completely wrong even if there are countless options when it comes to keeping your pants properly on your waist. Some belts are fabric while others are leather or some shiny and polished while others are given a vintage treatment.
One this to consider is the width of the belt, where the skinnier options tend to be dressier and more streamlined, perfect for a suit or other formal ensemble. Today we'll be focusing on the belt that's on the thicker side, that can take the wear and tear of everyday use, that can be worn day in and day out without a second thought. That's where the wide belt is the most useful, acting as a rugged mainstay that will go perfectly with each and every casual outfit that it may encounter.
The great part about a wider belt is all the real estate for detail to be included into the piece, whether its that little bit of extras gator skin or adding a unique whip stitch accent to the edge. Whatever your flavor, this variety pairs nicely with any pair of jeans, complementing the durability of the denim while adding a distinguishable border between your top and bottom. The same belt and shoe matching rules apply to this type of belt, so which ever color shoe you most often wear casually should be the color of belt you're looking for on your hunt.
John Varvatos: $245
All Saints: $90
Ralph Lauren: $65
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another essential style piece for your wardrobe!