Tech Tuesday: Sideclick

The problem with all of this technology, especially in the home entertainment realm, are all the remotes that come with each unit. One for the TV, the DVR, the DVD player, the game console, its all just a bunch of clutter after a certain point, and for those with a streaming box like Roku of Apple TV, that extra clutter is really just a liability to get lost between the couch cushions. But aside from that little problem, these remotes are all lacking basic TV controls like volume, channel, and power. Sideclick is a simple clip on attachment that pairs with the remotes for Apple TV, Roku, and both Amazon Fire TV styles to easily integrate those much needed controls to the existing interface, and all for just $30. How many times are you going to have to get up to change the volume before you realize that type of value is just what you need?
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!