Threads for Thought: Long Hair, Don't Care

For a few years now, the focus for men's grooming has been on the facial hair and growing out that face fuzz to Duck Dynasty proportions. Meanwhile, the top of the head has become more streamlined with short dues that helped to complement the beard, but hey, if E-Trade is predicting the end of beards, then we should be prepared.
In a similar fashion that the facial hair was grown out, so should you let the top of your head cultivate a flowy mane. Letting it all go and getting some length  on your hair certainly isn't a quick procedure, its a war of attrition against your own impatience, but the wait is well worth it. Short hair is convenient, but longer locks allow for more options when it comes to styling; slicking down the sides can give you the same results as a short cut while leaving them natural will give you a completely different look. The battle is long and seemingly undying, so make good friends with a hair stylist to help you develop a long due that will work with your hair style and then get some sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep those follicles healthy for growth as long as possible between visits to the salon. Sooner than later, the long hair will come!

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