Wardrobe Essential: The Go-To Tee

Tee-shirts are commonplace in the current menswear landscape, everything from a logo emblazoned print to a vintage henley. Originally reserved as Sunday wear or for use under a dress shirt, tees have made an amazing amount of head way in style, but none has been more iconic and everlasting than the basic white tee.
A crispy clean t-shirt, despite their casual nature, can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary by grounding the whole ensemble back to the stark white surface. Cotton is the preferable fabric here, being that it is the easiest to clean, so the only long-term issue that arises is the integrity of the shirt after the first few washes. This can't be just the 5-pack of Hanes undershirts, although its definitely an eco-unfriendly option, which means that a more elevated tee is in order.
We're not saying that you have to go splurge $300 on a Kanye Tee or anything remotely similar, but rather spending anywhere between $30-$40 isn't out of the question. At that price point, the quality and construction of the t-shirt should be strong enough to hold its shape and wear for months and months as long as it manages to stay clean. Sale shopping is going to be your best friend in this instance and luckily white tees are always a high ownership style for fashion houses, so be on the lookout!
A.P.C.: $95
Ralph Lauren: $60
J. Crew: $45
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