Threads for Thought: Lightweight Scarves

It doesn't matter whether its hot or cold, neck wear is a part of everyday life in men's fashion. But we can all admit that the tie can become a little bland after awhile, no matter the pattern, and changing it tends to be more of a "lose the noose" than it is "what else"; let's change the dialogue.
Scarves are best known for keeping warm in the winter, made of thick wools and hefty knitted fabrics to keep the elements at bay. Now in the spring, when the bluster is much less intense, the scarves follow suit, lightening up while adding another layer of depth in this diverse spring palette. Wearing a jacket? Slip the scarf over your shoulders, in between the jacket and shirt for an eye pleasing pop of color. Just a shirt today? Pull the same move underneath the shirt, but this time tie it in the front for pseudo-cravat look that will elevate that shirt to new levels. Keep in mind that it is spring now and soon summer, the scarves you're looking for should be light in weight and light (read bright) in color to fully embrace the season!
Burberry: $295
Ralph Lauren: $125
Suit Supply: $65
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