Tech Tuesday: Level by FluidStance

Anyone that sits at a desk all day will tell you just how awful it can be and any of their chiropractors will tell you that is downright awful for their backs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, being on your feet all day can lead to bad posture and sore feet, thanks to the tendency to rest in a specific position that is equally frowned upon by chiropractors. The team at FluidStance takes this issue to heart and has developed Level as a result, a new means of increasing productivity in the work place while promoting proper posture. There is a direct correlation between active employees and productivity, and using the pivot structure of the Level encourages a constant, subtle movement helping to stimulate brain function, and in theory, increase productivity. Going for as much as $400, this gadget may be something that you ask your employer to invest in for the office, but its worth the investigation!

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech!