Monday Outlook: Matching Shirt & Tie

With all the shirt and tie options out there, with the alleviation of pattern combinations, and with the rules of neck wear pairing giving way to creativity and edge, men everywhere are experimenting and tackling some visually tantalizing chest duos. All this is very positive for the upward bound world of menswear, but this peacockery can only be outdone by blending in.
So what better to do to blend in than matching the shirt to the tie and vice versa, and not just in color or fabric, this is full fledged matching. This look takes it's heritage back to the Army dress uniform, that khaki-on-khaki look underneath a beautiful brown suit, pure neutral dominance that only the military style can bring. Now fast-forward to the 21st century and remember all the options that we have at our disposal, the combinations are no longer limited to solid colors or typical fabrics. We're talking the likes of silky Hawaiian floral matching all the way down to a solid navy cotton seersucker ensemble. The biggest obstacle in following such a simple trend is finding the matching pairs, which may mean having to look outside of a single label, its time to expand those horizons!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!