Threads for Thought: Printed Bottoms

The most welcome part of spring, other than the return of the daylight, has to be the airiness of all the apparel that comes with it. This is accomplished through a combination of various textures, colors, fabrics, and most notably, patterns, which are central to the lightness of the season.
Patterns that are woven into a fabric(ikat, madras, etc.) or ones requiring dyes (batik, hombre, etc.) can only do so much in terms of a creating unique or otherwise intricate patterns. Printed goods bring forth pieces that feature a variety of florals, geometric, and various other seasonal designs that make warm-weather months so great. Prints, however, pose a major style risk as they can overpower an outfit, especially when worn on the upper body; the solution is printed bottoms.
Not that pants or shorts go unnoticed as part of an outfit, but they are usually far enough removed from the focal point of most sartorial concoctions, the chest, so there is less chance of the print being overpowering. Since the print will be the most complex portion of the outfit, the other pieces will act as complement and should play off the colors that are in the pattern; tonal looks get a shot of adrenaline with prints, and should be utilized often this spring. Just do yourself a favor, and forgo the possibility of combining prints, it never works the way it should.
Ralph Lauren: $795
Burberry: $195
Bonobos: $128
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