Wardrobe Essentials: Jean Jackets, All Hail

Jackets and coats have been on the heavier end all of fall and winter, and thankfully, because it hasn't exactly been the nicest winter in a while. But the heavyweights of the closet just don't meld with warmer weather and are best reserved for the winter clothes box for the summer.
Due to the nature of spring, there aren't very many jackets or coats that make the cut for designers, but one reigns supreme this season and all future springs to come. Jean jackets might be the single most important style piece that the Canadians have given to the world, bringing a rugged aesthetic to any look. This denim outer layer can be worn year round and, just like a pair of jeans, can be worn with almost everything.
The current menswear landscape is based off of contrasting highs and lows together in a single outfit, whether it be neons and neutrals or dress and casual. The jean jacket is perfect for this type of pairing, falling on the very end of the casual spectrum, making the contrast easier and more drastic. One look comes to mind, with a distressed jean jacket atop jet black tuxedo slacks, the rest of the outfit can be played with to your liking. Even a light washed jacket with some inky indigo jeans can provide the necessary contrast for a proper get up. At the end of the day, just ave fun with it; most guys don't own a jean jacket, so it'll be a fresh change of pace!
Saint Laurent: $1280
Ralph Lauren: $590
A.P.C.: $260
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