Threads for Thought: Bring on the Safari Jacket

Anyone above the Mason-Dixon Line should know by now that the upcoming Spring Solstice doesn't mean it's getting warmer, just that the days are getting longer. So layers are still a very critical part of not freezing here on the home stretch with the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel we call winter.
Outerwear and top layers are where the most character shines through, but chances are those winter options are getting a little too hefty at this point in the season. It's time to trade in the heavy wool and quilted down pieces and elevate to the airy cottons and flowy gabardines, and one of the coolest of these lighter options is the safari jacket. Similar to a parka in appearance, but rather a sport coat construction and usually sporting some level of vintage detail that really gives the piece a rugged facade.
This spring calls for alternatives to the suit jackets and blazers in order to add some much needed individuality to a menswear world engulfed in nothing but. Its incredible to see the level of contrast that can be created by combining something as casual as a safari jacket with a crisp shirt and tie or simply playing off the casual vibes and rocking a stripe tee and some fresh kicks. this piece is so versatile and will be a great transitional item with the proper layering, but definitely a piece that should be with you this spring!
Ralph Lauren: $1995
Tomas Maier: $750
J. Crew: $188
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