Wardrobe Essential: The Man Purse

Most guys can usually fit all their daily essentials in their pockets, but sometimes that just isn't the case or maybe you'd just prefer to not have everything stuffed throughout an outfit. Its time to take a cue from the women's world and keep all those goodies in one location.
The man bag is something that every guy should have, and though not essentially a purse, it will serve the same purpose as its feminine counterpart, holding everything from your wallet to your lunch. The greatest benefit to you is having everything in one central place and within reach throughout your commute; backpacks are great, but its hard to access once its on your back. Messenger bags, soft briefs, totes, all examples of a man bag. The biggest decision will be choosing what type of fabrication to go with. Leather will last and develop a great patina over time, but a canvas bag will be easier to clean and be easier on your wallet. Just take into consideration that this will be the bag that goes to and from work, becomes your carry on, and even just the bag for that adventurous day off. Regardless of where and how its being used, it should be versatile enough to be used in any occasion; otherwise, you'll end up having as many bags as the average woman.
Filson: $890
Ralph Lauren: $495
Jack Spade: $248
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