Wardrobe Essential: The Croc Belt

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Accessories don't make the man, but they sure as hell make him all the more interesting, and the importance of choosing those accessories wisely cannot be overstated. Some of these accessories are fleeting, some are seasonal, and then some are meant to last in your closet (practically) forever; guess which one a croc belt falls under.
When is the last time you really looked at you belt/belts? Any of them with even a little bit of use will reveal that belts really take a beating, and that a sub-par leather is doomed to tear and deform before you have time to find a new one. Croc leather is unique in that it is extremely durable while remaining very pliable, meaning there couldn't be a better option when it comes to belt leather. Just a little cherry on top of all the utility it brings to the table, croc skin is also a badass detail that gains a gorgeous patina as the years rack up. The first one in your collection should be the same color as the shade of shoes that you wear the most; precedent suggests black, but even though every man should have black shoes, doesn't mean they get worn as much as a pair of tan penny loafers or brown brogues.
Ralph Lauren: $1750
Allen Edmonds: $395
J. Hilburn: $275
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