Tech Tuesday: The New Post-It Note

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Sticky notes and dry erase are the backbone of innovation and new business in this ever-changing competitive landscape; visiting any young, agile company for a testament of that fact. But when is the last time either of these mainstays received an upgrade themselves? In a cutting-edge world, there needs to be an update for the methods in which future ideas and businesses are planned out, and thankfully Magnetic is heeding the call. Using stable static technology pioneered by the team at Tesla Amazing, this media has the ability to stick to any surface reliably and consistently without losing it's sticking power. No more tacks, magnets, or adhesives, and better yet, one side serves as normal paper for permanent note taking with the reverse side having dry erase functionality. The new concept is still in the initial funding stages, but they plan to produce typical post-it note sizes to full boards and everything in between! Certainly an exciting evolution with some very exciting possibilities!
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