Threads for Thought: Tie Belt

Hey readers! I will be attaching a quick little survey for you to fill out in the next couple of posts. I only ask for your participation once, but I'm looking to make some changes and want to get your feedback! Thanks for reading!


Ties happen to be one of the most important accessories in the sartorial ways of menswear, being the focal point of most of the street styles that pop up throughout the Internets. But from the streets to the office, they tend to only be worn as prescribed, around the neck and in a crisp knot.
Let's inject a little laissez faire and creativity into the normal structure of the everyday garb and use the tie for something other than a tie. Instead of your collar, turn to your belt loops and use the old mainstay to hold your pants up. Everyone is used to seeing a simple strip of leather or cotton or at the very most, a needlepoint, so subbing in a tie will change the game tremendously. A tie with a simple pattern calls for another part of the outfit to have some print or texture with a more complex tie requiring basic pieces to pair with. It's a style move that can upgrade a look in the same way that a silk scarf would, but none of us seem to take advantage of it; major style points for tying the knot a little off center and askew!
Check in tomorrow for the next installation of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!