Threads for Thought: Suited in Plaid

Suits are like a man's coat of armor, protecting him from any and all, preparing him for the battles of the day or night ahead.But as we know all too well, not all suits (of armor) were created equally, some are made for the board room while others are devoted to some much needed preening; we'll be covering the latter today.
What most are dubbing the return of the golden age of menswear this spring, the 70's in your face kind of style that left a clear impact on the style world. A quick watch of American Hustle or even X-Men: First Class will show just how loud and badass men's style can truly be. The main proponent of this era was plaid, more specifically, the plaid suit; incorporating multiple shades in one piece sure makes it easier to pair with bold patterns.This spring, they are back in full force with designers peddling everything from blown-up Glen Plaid to exotic tartans and checks.
This is not the time or place to get a suit to add to your weekly rotation, a suit that replaces a mainstay in your closet, these suits are statement pieces. There is so much wiggle room when it comes to plaid, but to simplify the whole decision process, one element of the pattern needs to be loud. So if the plaid is huge or there is a strong color woven into the fabric, it has to be a noticeable feature that will really have people turning there heads to get another look.
Etro: $2860
Suit Supply: $599
Topman: $495
Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!