Wardrobe Essential: The Go-To Barber

Most times, Wednesday posts are reserved for clothing and accessories, things that need to be in every man's closet. But something has gone overlooked that is something, or rather someone, that should be at average Joe's disposal.
Most times, your hair is an after thought in the whole style process, but it should be first and foremost. There are few things that are more quickly notices than a man's hair, so why not make the best statement possible and get a haircut from a trained professional. There are three things to consider when picking out the right barber; knowledge, price, and availability. Having someone that not only knows the current hair trends, but also knows which ones your hair can pull off is a invaluable. Of course, you have to be able to foot the bill every month when its time for a cut, so if the price is wrong, you won't go in consistently enough to get the right results. And lastly, this guy or gal, the one with all the skills for just the right price is no good to you if they aren't available when you need it, making it important to set up a regimented relationship that you both can rely on.
Check in later tonight for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another essential style piece!