Friday Faux Pas: Put Some Sleeves On It

The gym should be part of the normal routine, not everyday, but most days so that we all don't turn into slobs or unappreciative "god gave me this" types. There is something liberating about working out and pushing your body to the limit, but all is done in the proper attire.
You're not him...
However, a translation error must have occurred as some have confused proper gym attire for cut-off shirts and tank tops. It may very well have been the popularization of physical fitness in the 60's and the rage of body building brought on shortly after; Arnold may not have worn sleeves until he was asked to wear a leather jacket for The Terminator. The appeal of showing off the hard work and staying cool during a workout is all well and good, but it doesn't outweigh the cons.
Same workout, significantly less douchey.
For you specifically, no sleeves means exposing yourself to direct contact of skin to germ-surfaces, and at a time where flu and cold abound, now's not the time to be sharing in that nastiness. On the other side of the coin, after your skin has touched the aforementioned surface, it's most likely leaving behind a puddle sweat for the next unfortunate participant. But set aside the health issues, you also run the risk of looking like an absolute douche, not to mention being a flexing selfie away from total assholery. Do everyone a favor and wear sleeves, short or long, just make sure they're present during your workout!

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another edition of my fashion faux pas!