Tech Tuesday: Prynt Your Pics

Of all the millions of photos that are taken every year, posted onto Instagram and Facebook, shared between friends and family, how many actually make it to physical print? The number is so minuscule and if we're being honest, if probably only kept alive by special occasions and the 50 somethings that simply don't know any better. Finally, someone has wised up and developed a system to work with the most popular cameras on the market, your phones! Prynt is currently in crowd source funding to produce the first ever, non-WiFi or Bluetooth phone attachment that prints the pictures you take. The system works simply by plugging into your phone, it uses its own battery supply and Polaroid paper so that there's no ink leaking out of the case, and soon, a companion app will help to make the entire picture taking and printing experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible!
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech!