Monday Outlook: Monochromatic

Playing on colors is always an exciting part of developing an outfit, matching and contrasting varying hues to create a sartorial masterpiece. Of course, this has become something that everyone is used to and may have even gotten a little bored of, so what is there to do but keep it simple.
We saw black and white and every shade of grey in between during the winter in the first iteration of the monochromatic look. Even seasonal shades like forest green and the ever popular marsala made it into the mix with stunning outcomes. Now take a moment to think of all the beautiful shades that correspond to spring and summer and picture just one of them composing an entire outfit; this is the monochrome look, and it's going to be a warm weather staple.
Just looking at versatility of indigo and its ability to be endlessly paired with itself is a prime example of spring transition. And once the winter chill finally subsides, then it will be time for washed out pastels of the same hue being paired together; mint, pink, canary yellow, all are going to be a knock out. The key to pulling off monochrome is to incorporate a variety of texture and to make sure that each item is a slight variation of the color family you are going with, otherwise its going to look too matchy-matchy and that's not going to play.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!