Wardrobe Essential: Black Kicks

There is never going to be a sneaker to replace the all white kicks; they are just way to crisp and clean to not be at the top of the fly charts 100% of the time. But white gets dirty and not to mention there needs to be some other options in the shoe trunk to supplement squeaky clean game.
Black has always been a popular color when it comes to covering your feet. Going back to the getting dirty argument, they stay cleanly longer than any other shoe and they work to add some weight to the bottom of any outfit; hence why black is such a popular boot color. And when it comes to the detailing that plagues most shoes, black acts as a masking agent to make them look just a sleek as any white pair of sneakers.
Usually combining blue and black would be considered faux pas, but as more celebrities and fashion idols start to pair the two together, the less shriek-worthy it becomes. What this means for you is combining black with the inky indigo of early spring and the juxtaposition of the gravitas of the sneaker combined with airy colors and fabrics latter in the season. The materials used to make them doesn't really matter as long as they are black, the rest is all personal preference; although, the leather variety has a nice shine to them.
Acne Studios: $380
Nike: $75
PF Flyers: $55
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