Threads for Thought: Buffalo Plaid

There are very few patterns that go hand and hand with any particular season, and the grand majority of these options are must haves in any wardrobe. This season calls for a specific plaid, but can't necessarily be pegged as a necessity, more of a try it out for yourself item.
Everyone knows what buffalo plaid is, if not by name, then certainly by its pattern. A beautiful contrasting color combination of black and red in a neat checker pattern that is synonymous with the holiday season. With that said, this pattern plays nicely with all the fall and winter outfits and is highly encouraged after Santa comes to town.
Buffalo plaid is everywhere, and its really a matter or figuring out how to wear it all. The less and less favorably that the pattern plays off of your natural features, the smaller the item should be. Pocket squares are the minimum level of participation with shackets being the most involved, but everything in between is fun to play with like ties and shirts and even socks. Don't tread lightly, and have fun with it!
Abercrombie & Fitch: $130
J. Crew: $65
Ralph Lauren: $46
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