Friday Faux Pas: Belts and Braces

Keeping those pants in the place there meant to can be a challenge at times, and with the number of options available, its easy to assume that coupling some together would be a good idea. A "more the merrier" approach with solutions to this problem does seem appealing, but it's a major style no-no.
Don't you dare!
One of the biggest fashion crimes comes when a belt is coupled along with a pair of suspenders. Although, it may not look like anything is wrong, the level of redundancy is off the charts and hints at the fact that your pants might not fit all that great. This is an either or decision; suspenders work well when they are underneath a sport coat and then have the opportunity to be shown-off without it on while a belt works well in any situation, but must match the shoes your wearing. Both have there merits, but together they bring nothing but problems; be sure to avoid this mistake!
Much better.
Check in tomorrow for a fashionable celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!