Threads for Thought: Blanket Coats

Wouldn't be a superb reality that allowed for the comfort of a blanket with the social acceptability of a jacket? The first commercial attempt happened to be the Snuggie which didn't pan out to well, but now there seems to be some sort of hope for this image.
Blanket coats bring to mind a time when a visit to the ski lodge was the cool thing to do rather than head to the beaches. It also draws back to the late 80's and early 90's where fashion was quite sporadic and vibrant, but still, all the more stylish. The item can be plain and simple, but the strongest of blanket coats happens to also be the epitome of holiday sweaters.
Something like this is perfect for a winter getaway, providing some flash with people that aren't part of your day-to-day life; lots of risk, little chance repercussions. It can be worn again back in the regular environment, weather permitting, but only once or twice a year to avoid becoming "that guy". And it's called a blanket coat for a reason, just throw it over any proper winter outfit (besides another holiday sweater) and you'll have yourself a look.
Burberry: $3295
Ralph Lauren: $500
Filson: $495
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