Friday Faux Pas: Belt Loops...and No Belt

Some fashion faux pas can go unnoticed as they are usually masked by other pieces of clothing, and then there are others that stick out like a sore thumb no matter what. This next peeve happens to fall into both categories and its really only noticeable to the trained eye.
Its hard to see, but a close look reveals...belt loops!
Most pants in a wardrobe will have belt loops on them with a few dress pants having pull tabs to adjust the waist band and lack belt loops; the latter are for formal occasions and should never be worn with a belt. The former seem to have some men confused, as more and more you see the belt loops, and no belt. This look exudes the kind of sloppiness that shouldn't be in any man's style repertoire, the only excuse for this would be a forgotten belt at home, which is why having a back up or two at work is so critical. Its an easy rule of thumb to follow, belt loops require a belt, do this and stay clear of any undue style mishaps.
No loops, no belt. Simple enough.
Check in tomorrow for a celebrity style influence and next Friday for another fashion faux pas!