Wardrobe Essentials: The Repp Tie

Neck wear in the men's world is one of the biggest staple in style and says a lot about the man wearing it. Whether he is classic or contemporary, reserved or outgoing, business or casual, all can be told by what is around his neck. Although there are many, few make the list of necessary for your closet; this one makes that list.
Repp ties are an English invention, but the popularization and Americanization of these ties can be credited to Brooks Brothers. Ever since their American debut, repp ties have become the quintessential Ivy prep accessory, exhibiting an elevated aura that can only be attributed to being a member of a yacht club or exclusive whiskey tasting syndicate. Either way, the power that this tie brings to the table is hard to do with any other tie.
Partner a repp tie with that super power suit or with a casual Sunday brunch look, it works with every genre of your wardrobe. Styling isn't the issue with a tie like this as it goes with anything, so the colors are really "make or break". The traditional options include evenly sized stripes, a thin/wide combination, and the multi-stripe with 3 colors, with contemporary options ranging from rainbows to patterned stripes. If this is your first Repp, go with a traditional color combo that resonates with something in your life, and if this isn't the first rodeo, go crazy with it.
Ralph Lauren: $125
Brooks Brothers: $79.50
The Tie Bar: $15
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