Threads for Thought: Wide Legged Pants

For years now, the trend in men's pants has gotten slimmer and more tapered, to the point where there's no more cloth to take away. Now the only means of innovation is to widen things up.
As the seasons go through there little chronological progression through the decades, they reach the late 60's and 70's. Among all the styles that sprung from the groovy days, one that spanned across all was the wide bottom pant; it went so perfectly with those platform shoes. But now they are being more refined, in a way that still maintains the flattering nature of a slimmer fit trouser while adding a nonchalance and an airy nature to any look. Because they are wide-bottomed, the fit is crucial, with the waist and seat needing to be absolutely perfect and the leg falling naturally straight, otherwise its just another pair of un-tailored pants.
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