Friday Faux Pas: Too Much Sock

In the effort to differentiate, men have turned to alternative measures of fashion in order to individualize themselves. Funky ties, uniquely patterned shirts, and so on, but there seems to be an issue with one particular item.
Incorrect. Conservative suits and shoes don't mix with playful socks.
Socks. The norm was the plain, conservative, single colored dress sock, which is admittedly boring but still not without merit. Then came in the patterned variety, with stripes and argyle or polka dots and plaid, still not all that bad. But then came in a few companies that pushed the envelope well beyond unique and into the realm of absurdly tacky. High-contrast colors combining to make radical designs that ultimately detract from any good that your outfit was doing in the first place; that should be a fashion sin! Rule of thumb is to have your socks play off of another part of your outfit so that it adds to the look; the only exception are socks that are meant for special funds or occasions, in which case, wear them sparingly.
Correct. Casual look with casual, toned down socks.
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for the next edition of my fashion faux pas!