Threads for Thought: New Age Argyle

It seems throughout pop culture that wacky sweaters have been reserved for the nerdy or quirky, that they might be too tacky for the cool guy vibe. Very fortunately, that whole nerdy/quirky vibe has become very mainstream with the reemergence of mid-century styling, and so has a very distinct pattern.
Carlton wore it, Cosby rocked it, and so did Urkel, maybe not exclusively, but it was apparent when they did happen to don their argyle. A simple series of color block diamonds and contrasting lines create a pattern that is recognizable beyond most, which may be why it was reserved for socks up until recently. Thankfully, designers have decided to put some youth spins on the Scottish get up by changing the orientation of or even altering the pattern in ways that emit some refreshing edginess.

Color and character are key with this piece. Too much contrast will undoubtedly attract unwanted attention and too little will make the piece look like any other sweater. The next step is finding the perfect interpretation to compliment your existing style. Classic? Then find an original with new colors. Rebel? Something off kilter to the norm, rotated slightly or broken up sporadically for some chaotic relief. Modern? Slim fitting and and streamlined with very minimalist color ways.
Saint Laurent: $725

J. Crew: $198
Diesel: $178
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