Friday Faux Pas: Sloppy Sleeves

There are certainly a variety or different measurements on any garment, top or bottom, that will make or break the piece. A misfit collar of a sport coat, an untailored dress shirt, a pair overly relaxed trousers, what have you, they all look bad because of one specific characteristic.
There shouldn't be that much baggage in the sleeve.
The one that is most overlooked and overwhelmingly bothersome is the sleeve of any coat or jacket. Most men focus on the shoulder and neck of these items, which is correct as those parts of a jacket are practically untailorable, but they neglect to account for how wide the sleeve opening is. It's one thing to have a little bit of extra fabric that isn't quite noticeable (aka not worth getting altered) but its another when a look goes from suited man to wizarding wonder. Now this alteration can be down, but it is almost as difficult as the previously mentioned parts of a jacket, so it's best to take into account the arm fit; the piece should fit closely enough to allow for a shirt underneath while still accommodating natural movement. Anything less is impractically small and anything more is either borderline or full fledged sloppiness. Check those sleeves gentlemen!
This is how it should be done!
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!