Wardrobe Essentials: Black Wristwear

It's hard to pin down a specific watch to be the true essential as taste varies so vastly from man to man; hence the plethora of options to choose from. One watch, however, does resonate between brands, a pseudo necessity of the horology world.

Sleek black leather affixed to a polished silver casing with a black face all combining to create a  stunning classic that is easily worn out on a Sunday brunch as it would be at a board meeting. This isn't the vanilla of watches, it has more character than that, but it has the same wearability as any all silver watch. Simplicity goes a long way to add to this piece's classic sensibilities, but could still have some complications and dials and retain that same nature; it's all about personal preference, exuding your style through your wrist wear as a compliment to your clothing.
Montblanc: $3255
Movado: $495
Lucien Piccard: $100
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