Threads for Thought: Cravats

Ties and scarves are must haves in today's men's style world, everyone has their collection of both and the only real differentiation comes from pairing them with other accessories. Its time to introduce an old trick to the new menswear world.
The cravat is to the tie what the chicken is to the egg, having been popularized in Croatia in the 17th Century, has almost completely disappeared from the thought of men's fashion; maybe the occasional one-percenter will put one on to show off his worth. That is exactly why this piece is so great! A cravat will elevate any look from ordinary to extravagant, no matter what the fabric or pattern, although, the silk foulard variety reigns king. Substitute one out for a tie one day and tie it on similar to the way a winter scarf is tied, then tuck it in and watch the elegance ensue.
Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for another piece that deserves your consideration!