Friday Faux Pas: Turn Down for What?

IT seems almost a natural reaction when walking into a store to quickly respond to the sales associate that "I'm fine, just looking" and to turn down any offer of help that may be extended your way. Its time to stop being a guy, and accept some help for once.
These are the guys to talk to.
For one, these sales people, no matter what store, are experts of where everything is and have the power to show you the way or completely shut you out, so be nice and ask questions; they get bored and uneasy having to just stand their watching you walk around. Another reason is that today's menswear world is literally flooded with choice, which makes finding the perfect items or the right fit pretty difficult, and chances are that an associate at one store will have friends at another or at least have some useful knowledge of his/her competition. There are plenty more reasons why not to turn down these wonderful people, like being invited to store events and private sales, so remember to be a human being and open up while you shop!

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!