Wardrobe Essentials: Squeaky Clean Kicks

Rugged footwear is about as commonplace during in the fall and winter as pancakes at the IHOP. So with all the variety that is being added to every other part of the cold weather style game, its about time that designers caught wind and through something new onto your feet.
Only recently have luxe designers delved into making high end sneakers, and this season and every season here on after, crispy clean white sneakers will be a go to, from the boardroom to Sunday brunch at the brew room. Whether they are as simple as some Chuck Taylor's or a pair with some chic detailing. There is no wrong answer to the white sneaker until other colors start getting introduced; its better to have something all white that can match with everything in your closet.
Wearability is the true key in the buying decision, but so is comfortability. These shoes, especially the ones that cost a pretty penny, are going to be your babies and something you are going to be wearing almost as often as a pair of double monkstraps. Try them on, walk around the store, make sure they are the right fit, and then go to the next store and try on the next pair, this process might be as involved as finding the perfect pair of jeans.
Gucci: $490
A.P.C.: $355

Adidas x Stan Smith: $75
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another item that needs to be in your closet!