Friday Faux Pas: Too Short Pants

The trend has been toward tighter, shorter pants for years now, but only recently have the fashion forward begun to take this trend to some absurd levels. As with all things, moderation is the key, and in this particular case, very much needed.
What're you doing Cam?
NFL quarterback Cam Newton recently attended a post-game press conference in what appears to be a well tailored suit until you look down and nearly see his calves coming from the bottom of his trousers. These are what are known as high-waters or capris, and are otherwise going overboard in with the trend towards shorter pants. He isn't the only culprit in this debacle, but is certainly one of the most notable in the crowd. Ideally the bottom of the pants should break right at or, at most, an inch above the shoe. Taller men should go for the longer end of the spectrum while shorter guys will want to go higher on the ankle; the shorter then pants, the taller the man will look, but make sure to take into account the rule of thumb on the pant break.
This is how you do it!
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity style influence and next Friday for another fashion faux pas!