Threads for Thought: Shackets

With fall and winter style being so dependent on layering, many designers get free range over making everyday pieces brand new by introducing new fabrics and constructions to add to the layering effect. Sometimes this effort blurs the line between items,sometimes bad, but in this case is a very good thing.
At first glance, this item would appear to be straight from a Alaskan cabin or a Seattle grunge party, either way, it'll be essential to a cold weather wardrobe. The shacket, a shirt made of heavier materials or actually insulated, to create the ultimate layering piece. Bringing all the warmth of a jacket combined with the functionality and wearability of a shirt means it will function well in the cold and even act as a great transition piece for early spring.
Being that a shacket is so useful, its best to get a style that will easily transmit from winter to spring and next year when it comes time to change back into the fall. Neutrals and simple patterns will add to the layering capabilities and simplicity will make it wearable even when there isn't a coat over it. Make sure it has some pockets on it, to really send home that this isn't just a heavy shirt, it is very much a shacket; the pockets will come in handy too.
Ralph Lauren: $495
J. Crew: $168
Filson: $98
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