Wardrobe Essentials: Scarves

Some days, a tie just isn't going to cut it as a measure to keep warm; not even the thickest wool tie. There is always the option to really bundle up, a goose down coat zipped all the way up to the top, but where's the style in that?
For Fall.
No! Now is the time to break out the winter scarves, meant to really take a beating from the cold while staying warm an cozy. During the fall, layering a lighter scarf in will add a sophisticated sensibility to any outfit. When it starts getting exceedingly cold, then it's to time for the heavier wools and flannels, which will still elevate a look while also adding some extra gravitas and texture. This season is the time for layering, and the more the merrier, as long as there's no sweating involved.
For Winter.
Personal preference and tendencies at key here. A loud patterned scarf may be good for one guy, but not another. It's best to test a scarf out for its feel and then think about how it's going to be styled; after all it will be around a high-movement, highly sensitive part of the body. With that said, get something extra seasonal here, a tartan plaid that screams holidays is perfectly okay because after the weather warms up, it's going back in the closet till next fall and winter.
Salvatore Ferragamo: $450
Burberry: $375
J. Crew: $110
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